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Sarasota County





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Sarasota County

The National Cemetery in Sarasota County at 9810 State Highway 72 is now open for all military personnel who are qualified for internment. This is for in-ground cremains and casket burial. The Army National Guard Honor Team will perform services on site, but you may also arrange an honors team if you wish, such as the Honor Guard from American Legion Post 24 with full military honors.

When we receive an application from your funeral home through the scheduling center, we will fax you a headstone review sheet to show to the family. As the instructions indicate the family can write down an optional inscription or term of endearment at the bottom of the headstone review sheet. When the burial is cremation we will also fax you a cremation form for the family to sign. Please fax these signed documents to the cemetery or bring them with you the day of the burial.

The National Cemetery staff is looking forward to working with you and to help serve you and your families. Thank you for your patience as we continue building the National Shrine.


If you have any question, please call the cemetery at (941) 922-7200. To fax any documents to the cemetery, our fax number is  fax is (941) 922-3457


Using the time to drive to the NATIONAL CEMETERY seems to build into a gradual change in perspective.  Approaching the entrance brings a sense of inspiration and subtle serenity, as if one is somehow transformed onto a different plane.   All the cares and worries are left by the wayside while a gentle peace begins to drift in and fill the void.   Time seems to disappear, to become unimportant, to take with it the daily concerns and rituals for which one lives one's life.   Yet, time is the scorekeeper of life.  
One is relegated to insignificance at first glance.  There is so very much to absorb.  Yet there are actually very few represented here, as the NATIONAL CEMETERY has only been open since January, 2009.   However, the more one looks, the more one sees.   The more one listens, the more one hears.   A peaceful solitude slowly encompasses all that is here.  A faint breeze seems to whisper as it passes on its way to flick at the edges of the FLAG at half staff.   Off in the distance a bird is heard, but it sounds somehow different.  Everything and every thing take on a new relevance when one is here.   Surrounding and reassuring that all is as it should be.  
One suddenly notices the silence.   A silence that seems deafening.   Thoughts seem to be heard as all is observed and taken in.   Silence is the highest tribute one can call forth while in the presence of these warriors.     Silence speaks volumes and the message is clear to all who walk throughout these hallowed grounds.  These who we salute today are marching *"where footsteps cause no sound".