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2000 75th Street West, Bradenton, FL

Kirby Stewart Post 24


           KIRBY STEWART POST 24
 Last updated 2017   SEPTEMBER  24
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                     May I suggest something....???   Of course, you may...
A SUGGESTION BOX is located in the foyer, just outside the office.  We, at POST 24, welcome your input and suggestions. 
We are in the business of helping veterans in our community and any improvement to that end is always welcome.
We only ask that you SIGN YOUR NAME along with a phone number or e-mail address.  We want to address any and all suggestions brought to our attention.   
The HONOR GUARD donates quarterly to the HUMANE SOCIETY in merchandise needed for the care of all the homeless animals at the 2515 14th street location.

A message from the HONOR GUARD purchasing agent.  



Believe it or not Christmas is right around the corner! I have decided this year for the Humane I want to do Christmas stockings for all the animals. I just found out last week that my budget has been cut in half. It was $250....and now it is $125. The members in the Honor Guard had to get a new bus and so my budget from them had to be slashed. But that is where help from the rest of the American Legion comes in and other people that like to help. We usually buy all kinds of... things for them...Kitty litter, food, all the typical things you need for a dog or cat. But, hey, it is Christmas, and these beautiful creatures love to play when they can get out of their kennel and even when they are in their kennels. I have noticed some have a ball and some have a chew toy. I want to make this an unforgettable Christmas for these beautiful furbabies this year. I plan to spend my budget on prefilled Christmas stockings. Some for cats and some for dogs, so that each animal will have his or her own stocking. Can you imagine the yapping and meows on Christmas morning. I know I can't buy many with that budget, so if any of you would be interested in donating a prefilled stocking for these homeless animals, I cannot tell you what a blessing it would be to them, to me, and yes, to you, as well. I am sure they will be in the stores before long at Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, probably five below and other could either drop them in the barrel at the Post 24 American Legion, or contact me and I will see that they get picked up. Maybe this is really on my heart right now because of Katherine., (my own cat who suffers from kidney disease and retinal detachment).  I don't know if she will be here to enjoy Christmas, but I know we could help some homeless animals have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you in advance if you want to participate. It would be such a joy to take them a barrel full of Christmas stockings for the cats and dogs. Thank you so much.



                    Drew Thomas,… and friends

                       Mondays in the Foxhole from 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Well, after having enjoyed a delicious Monday night dinner, and while waiting for the QUEEN OF HEARTS to be drawn at 8 PM, why not stick around and enjoy some fine music.

Drew performs easy listening, rock & roll, country, big band and some of his own songs throughout the evening.  He enjoys doing requests.  So slip on over to the FOXHOLE for a relaxing evening of listening,... and dancing.

     HEY....!!!!    TUESDAYS at POST 24 just got a little bit better....!!!!
In addition to our world famous BINGO games in the large auditorium we are now having MUSIC from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM in our world famous FOXHOLE LOUNGE.   Now you can have loads of FUN finding the winning numbers on your card, then hop on over and tap your toes to some great tunes and have a few refreshments. 
POST 24 is where all the FUN begins.....!!!!          
How about some BAR BINGO...!!??? 
That's right..!!  We've got your  'number'....!!!
                  If that wasn't enough.... how 'bout THIS..!!!!!
                      SHE'S BAAAAAACK.....!!!!    That's right......!!!!
   Get in on all the action..
      DRAWING  every Monday, at 8 PM.