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2000 75th Street West, Bradenton, FL

Kirby Stewart Post 24


           KIRBY STEWART POST 24
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 updated 2018  MAY  17
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SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST......price increase to  $7.00
Well, the word came down to us that the farm has 'unionized'.  Meaning that the chickens and the pigs have joined forces.  That means we, the consumers, are being squeezed like a plastic jar of mustard at the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.  But....I digress....      Some folks did notice a picket sign laying on the property with,, uh, well, you know,..,  'scratching' and some muddy 'cloven hoof' prints.  Yeah, we should have known.   One patron stated she heard what she thought was a car radio playing a song from the 'Oak Ridge Boys' greatest hit album.
My staff,    you remember them, well, they're on it......
The FRIDAY NIGHT DANCES will return in November.
Do you realize what is coming up next year..?  June 5, 2019  will be the 100th anniversary of POST 24.  Yes, our centennial is fast approaching. 
We are attempting to put the word out about this milestone and find those who have been in the area the longest who may recall our humble beginnings.
Please help us pass the word.  We are in need of historical items that relate to POST 24 during this time period.
Do you have an old uniform..?  How 'bout a service cap..? 
Old newspapers, or brochures, pamphlets and other items that contain historical info..?  
Check around for all sorts of stuff.
Does anyone remember where POST 24 was originally located..? 
Does anyone remember when POST 24 moved to where it is now..?
Thank you.