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                   KIRBY STEWART POST 24






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                                          AROUND POST 24




The ‘AROUND POST 24’ page features bits and pieces of daily life in and around POST 24.  Although some of the pictures and captions make light of a particular situation, these men and women who comprise the ‘USUAL SUSPECTS’ all know that the very existence of POST 24 depends on their tireless effort.  It all doesn't just happen when the lights are on.


POST 24 deeply appreciates all those who spend their time and effort in making it the BEST, you know, the USUAL SUSPECTS.  Can we count on you?



Walking Dog      He says, ROOF, ROOF, ROOF..!!!

And I say, 'Boy, I say, boy, what are you trying to say'...??

Silly mutt, what he means is that POST 24 has a brand new ROOF.   He also is saying THANK YOU to each and everyone who thought enough of POST 24 to help with the expenses. 

Come on in...!!!  We're open again...!!!  Yes, POST 24 has a new roof and it is beautiful...!!!  Stop by and take a look, come on inside and feel how COOOOOOOOOOOL is feels as all of the air conditioners have been repaired, or replaced, as needed. 

The weather has been very cooperative in allowing all the maintenance people to do what they do best.


Walking Dog  He says,  'ROOF, ROOF, ROOF'!!!!!!!

.......and now it is called the BUILDING FUND....!!!              


 The Richard Alvarez family,  The Clark family,  Nancy Levitt,  Pat Hagar,

The Drew Thomas family,  Jerry & Carl Bradley,  The HONOR GUARD,

The Kelly Keith family,  The LEGION RIDERS Chapter 24,


Hank Ward    Ingrid Davidson    Earl Hampsher

Bob & Fran Dewart     Charles Clark     James Bigger

Jim Garden     Gilberte Gallagher       Anonomous

Julius Nimorwicz     Clarence Gourneau      Burton Espy

Clifford Root     Irwin Gustow       Louie Strickland

Miki Weatherford-Wright      W.H. Nuttle      Stanley Preston

Eileen Sedgewick      Stephen Harris      Edward Novak

Thomas & Dolores Busard       Allen L. McCary       Veda Lawson

George Staudt        Lynn Homa       Ronald Dopp

Sherry Wiley       Howard Kortis      Terry A. Nichols

D.G. Flanagan       James E. Bruce        William Larrison

John & Gloria Hassett        Martin E. Rafferty       Elizabeth Schultz

Alexander Stewart      Dr. Gustav Verhuel        Carl Bender

Gerard Koontz        Harold Goldblatt        Violette Mailloux

John Miller          David & Jean Patrick        Frank Riccio

Eleanor Olin        Donald Bansen Jr.       Beverly C. Whitby

Albert Zelko         Ed Rouleau         Richard Caverly  

Kathy Rudd         Gene Kilbourne       Olivere Fletcher JR

Larry Nelter       R. Selowitz        Stephen Draper

Les Mason       CW04 Kenneth C Terryberry USN Ret.

Frederick Midura        Patricia Mummaw         Lois Vogler

Donald Baines        Frederic Musbach        Roger Comer

Mary Stuver       William Hiacox         James Egan

Arthur Podgorski          Barbara Field        Joanne Dinan

Carol Rosendahl        Oliver/Joan Hintzinger       Jim/Laurie Ferrara

Military Order of the world Wars Bradenton-Sarasota Chapter

William Hiltgen

Lorraine Frieda        Philip Larsen       Richard Kall

Chester Cianfaglione        Betty Sheridan        John Hurst

Charles Jambor         Robert Baker         Jean Kish

Charles Best            James Morgan           D.P. Brockman

 Christina Johnson       Giles Light JR           B.J. Love

Gladys Sheveloff                Jack Dietrich               Paul Ballantine

Lydia Bustle                Jean Westervelt              Howard Knight

Bartholomew Hammons               Charles Lambe              Danna Clark

Bruce Ramsey                    Jill Pullen                 Eleanor B. Lee

Joseph Grimardi                    John Tucker              Arthur Hinkle

Marilyn Brenneman            Cherie Ashburn          John Howison

 Carol Bergs               George & Jean Taylor             Robert Konopka

Evelyn Vinton              James Dias              Gilbert A. Smith

William Boyer

 Adron Walker             George Leonard            Mary Torlone

Marjorie Pfluke                Robert Dobmeier             Carmela Jewels

Terrance Kilpatrick, JR                 James Cook                James Larsen

 Dr. Kirby Stewart                 John Rauh              Richard/Joyce Alvarez

Leonard Mullins

Bud Leigh                                          Larry Fowler                                    Una Gravitt

Frank Leanza                                   Shirley Huehn                     Suzanne Bennett

Mary Runnels                                  Lloyd Carlson                       Norma Porter

Lou/Terry Manganello                  Warner Weil                        David L. Smith

Dermott Story                                 Shirley Brown                     Gary Schmidt

Walter Dick                                      Arthur/Jeanette Ricker

Carlo Didomizio                              John W. Brown                   Nick Natalle

Ralph Cassan                                   Margaret Mazzone                        Diana Sinkler

Jerome Bien                                     Roy Baither                          Gary E. Carter

Betty Pekul                                       Nicholas Drizos

Paul McDonald                               Bobbie Howze                     Joseph Callaghan

Robert Turner                                 Robert Merritt                    Robert Clark

Carol Arcand                                   Dennis Merriman               Terrence McDonald

Lloyd Dickinson                              Susan nField                                    William Field

Mrs. Arnold Betyn in Memory of her Husband

Michael Fedorka                            Pamela Wentling                            Lloyd Grantham

D.T. Vecoli        

Richard C. Davis                              Eddie McCracken                           Robert Byers

Betty Sheley                                     James Pink                                       S.A. Tolster

Fred Staudaher                               George Monahan                           Roger Sirois

William Crawford                           Irving Medlock Jr.                          Donald Griesbach 

Tom Miller                                        Lt. Col. Willard Taylor, USAF (Ret)

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 24

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 24                                            William Caraker

Lottie Kenworthy                           Rolland Freeman

Larry Bustle                                      Jim & Wende Brown         Rita Howland

Ingeborg Whitwell                         Joseph Spivey III                 William Sommer

Lawrence Schindell                        S.J. Harder                           Harry Darrow                    

Jack Vogel                  

Charles Clark                       B.A. Birkenberger


         R. Mottino                                       American Legion Riders Chapter 24

Robert Hemingway                       Jack Meade                          Frederick Dittrich

Kevin McHugh      Pat Stiles                     

Nick Pappas      Somkliang Maxwell   Roger A. Meyer    William Stiltner     Mike Brietner

Joann Suggs                                     Lauralie Hultz                      Charlottes Web Pub

Anna Maria Oyster Bar       Margo Hendricks    Charles Burdick              Glenn Fletcher                








Seems like things are always hoppin’ at POST 24 with something going on just about every day and most every evening.  The ‘FOXHOLE lounge’ usually is abuzz with a few, to a large crowd, catching up on all that is going on while enjoying their choice of beverage.

However, there is a little known area on the grounds of POST 24 that many may have not discovered.  A quiet little retreat where one can be alone with one’s thoughts.  A place where one can hear the birds sing while reflecting on days of long ago, of names who became friends along the way.


Over among the trees one can simply walk, or sit, and allow all the memories to come to the forefront.  The solitude becomes apparent with a sigh, where time is of no importance, where thoughts abound as names, faces and places enter.

Try it someday when you want to relax for a few minutes.      

Hey.....!!!   Have you been out back recently...!!!  
James Brown
Charlie Lambe
John Rock
Robert Pollard
Robert Pearl
Don Green
The above listed are the cast of characters from the LEGION RIDERS who donated their time to assemble the ten picnic tables.  Thanks fellas....  
Clapping HandsThank You
The PICNIC TABLES were purchased by the four units within the POST 24 American Legion.





                                     ...How 'bout a game of 'tag'...?  Gotta' 'spot' for me...?