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This is your opportunitity to voice your opinions in an official capacity in an open forum.  Is there something, anything, you feel could be changed to make POST 24 better, friendlier and more welcome to those entering our doors...??  We, as officers of POST 24, are eager to hear what you have to say about how things are doing.  If it is to your satisfaction, then please tell us.  If there is something, anything that is NOT to your satisfaction, then, please, tell us so we can begin to make the necessary improvements.  The officers and staff at POST 24 value your patronage and we value your thoughts and feelings.  We want you to return time and time again.  We want you to feel at home at POST 24.

Please consider stopping by for the monthly membership meeting and learn what is going on at YOUR post.  If you are pleased at how things are going then let us know.  If you are not happy at how things are going then please let us know.   YOU are the most important person to walk into our post and we want to do all we can to make you feel at home.


Please don't use the FOXHOLE lounge as a forum for your vents.  The FOXHOLE is open to the public and anyone can hear all that is going on in there.  Besides, the FOXHOLE is a place to enjoy yourself, have a refreshment, do lunch and strike up conversations with others who drop by for the same purpose. 


POST 24 has a new look...!   Members of the AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS, Chapter 24 got together to paint the exterior.  Looks beautiful.  Stop by and check it all out. 

Remember, POST 24 is ALWAYS open to the public.  We have a full lunch menu along with a full bar, gaming machines and a friendly atmosphere.  There is a very large auditorium that is available for rental at times.  We have BINGO twice a week, AIR FORCE luncheon twice per month, music several times a week.  It is happening…and it’s all happening right HERE….!!





Hey all you who love LUNCH....!!!   Friday is your LUCKY DAY if you like FISH.  Great fish sandwiches, along with the regular menu items. 

I always send word back into the galley to 'double bait' the hook for mine.   WOW...!!!   Chef Jimee' must have had to go to the deep end of the pool for the one he caught for me.   It was HUGE ...... and DELICIOUS....!!!   Stop by and give it a try. 


PLEASE REMEMBER.......  The SERVERS at POST 24 are all volunteers.  They do their very best to do their very best for you, our customer.  So, ......  plea$e let them know. 

Thank you....


Have you noticed how bright the parking lot is at night now...?  WOW...!!!  Also, back at the Palmer building, have you seen the new 'barn light'...?   It looks great and shines bright, thanks to all the 'USUAL SUSPECTS'...


I don't know if the membership at large is aware of some of the work the American Legion does within the local community, but I would like to bring one subject to the forefront.

VETERANS helping VETERANS is of primary importance within any local POST and Kirby Stewart POST 24 is no exception.  On any given day, week or month, VETERANS come to the front door for some assistance.  I know this for a fact in that I have personally directed a few to our address.

It may be an overdue electric bill, or car payment.  It may be a few dollars for a tank of gas or a few bags of groceries. 

After careful screening, being the individual must present a valid VA card or DD-214,  the POST contacts the electric company to verify the amount due, or the landlord, or the bank for the car note.  After careful checking is complete, the POST Commander can make the decision to pay one month's amount for the electric bill, or one month's payment for a car loan, etc.  If groceries, a POST officer will accompany the individual to the store and purchase groceries.  If gas, the officer will accompany the individual to the gas station for a fill up.  No cash is given to the individual.

This is a ONE TIME measure for any VETERAN in need.  This is why an account at the POST is called VETERANS RELIEF FUND.  Funds are available at the LOCAL level.

You can learn more of all that POST 24 does by stopping by and talking with members, officers and of course, our 'USUAL SUSPECTS'.  You will always find them around POST 24.








Check out our new 'PICTURES' page.  You might just see someone you know....


            Remember, POST 24 is ALWAYS open to the public.

              SHOW ME YOUR CARDS, PILGRIM......!!!!!                                        


       POST 24 now gladly accepts all these cards to make your visit that much easier and more pleasant.      $10. minimum charge.



The life blood of any organization are its 'volunteers'.  POST 24 is in need of more 'volunteers' to help serve our loyal patrons.     If you are interested please contact Commander JOHN RAUH or our volunteer coordinator SHARON DEAN.  



                                               MEMBERSHIP PRICES 


MEMBERSHIP PRICES are in effect with your 'current 2016 membership card' in the AMERICAN LEGION, AUXILIARY, or SONS of the AMERICAN LEGION.

This does not mean you must be a member of POST 24.  Any individual who shows their current 2016 membership card from any POST is eligible for membership prices.

Although POST 24 is an open post, meaning it is open to non-member VETERANS and civilians, POST 24 strives to increase membership.  We believe VETERANS deserve a place to go to meet others with a lot in common, namely, serving one's country in one of the five military branches.

POST 24 welcomes AMERICAN LEGION, AUXILIARY and SONS of the AMERICAN LEGION members from other POSTS world wide.  They are entitled to membership prices.

I hope this may clear up some of the confusion about the MEMBERSHIP PRICES.  It is directed as a 'thank you' to all who are eligible and do join one of the three units within the AMERICAN LEGION.




Quite a few of you have been asking about my 'staff' here at POST 24 so I finally got them together for a photo shoot.....    Whatdayathink......???    Me, too.....




                               KINDNESS BARREL for our FURRY FRIENDS



   You may have noticed a BARREL as you walk into POST 24.  The HONOR GUARD along with KIRBY STEWART American Legion POST 24 has offered a 'little space' for the needs of our 'little friends'.  We hope upon noticing the BARREL you might consider a bit of assistance.  A list is printed here and on the side of the BARREL.

Thank you very much in advance for your thoughtfulness.  We appreciate any item and our 'little friends' do as well.  They even invite you to stop by THE HUMANE SOCIETY and say 'hello'.


          The  HUMANE SOCIETY of  MANATEE COUNTY           

         2515  14th St. West (Tamiami Trail)  Bradenton, FL.  34205    

        (941) 747-8808        

Our next trip to the humane society will be in JULY.

The HONOR GUARD paid a visit to the HUMANE SOCIETY on Thursday, April 7th and dropped off another load of  'goodies' for our 'little friends'.  A new item had been added to the 'WISH LIST'.  The staff was in need of a small freezer to store medication and other  items of importance.  Once again their prayers were answered as a brand new freezer was purchased and taken to the volunteers.  Their expression upon seeing the new freezer and the many bags of various items was priceless.

Check out the HUMANE SOCIETY and see what goes on.  The animals are well cared for and groomed.  The entire facility is very clean and open to the public.  Of course there are always plenty of little friends in need of a nice home. 








               NEW ADDITION.....the NEW MENU for POST 24.