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Contains general and long term information as it pertains to POST 24 and our readers. 




Several of you have wondered how I am able to stay on top of the website here at POST 24.  Well, it would not be possible without the effort of my 'personal staff'........

.................whatdayathink......????    Yeah, me too.......


Carl Hunsinger, our MCVC representative, has been very instrumental in spearheading several objectives of interest to the VETERANS.  One of which is the cost and availability of city bus transportation.  

Thank you very much, Carl, for being in OUR corner.

TRYIN' TO GET FROM HERE TO THERE?...well, begin HERE to get THERE....

Veteran's Transportation  

MCAT registered Veterans can be scheduled for transit Monday - Friday to VA facilities such as CW Bill Young Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and James Haley Center. Certain restrictions apply. Contact MCAT for more information. MCAT website for Handy Bus support is at https://www.mymanatee.org/home/government/departments/public-works/transit-paratransit/handy-bus/handy-bus-system.html

Note: Veterans will get a 50% discount with proper Veteran I.D. but you should contact MCAT to verify any restrictions.

All details and fares are located on the VETERAN P.S.A. page.

               SHOW ME YOUR CARDS, PILGRIM......!!!!!                                        

       POST 24 now gladly accepts all these cards to make your visit that much easier and more pleasant.

Just think, you can come STRAIGHT into POST 24 and be FLUSHed with excitement knowing you can use these THREE OF A KIND anywhere and anytime.  There is sure to be a FULL HOUSE so be sure to prePAIR yourself for a great time.  Yes, it IS a big DEAL so don't SHUFFLE around.   

Hear Ye

HAVE YOU CHECKED THE 'VETERAN P.S.A. page lately...???

Perhaps you should.  There are several programs and valuable information directed at VETERANS and their families.


Well, are you happy now....??!! 

How about from 2 to 5 PM, Monday through Friday..??

HAPPY HOUR,  weekdays in the FOXHOLE lounge at POST 24...!!!!

Are you HAPPY  NOW...??!!     ....well....???!!!



.....let's see,....  24 hours in a day, 24 cans in a case,  coincidence,..?   I think not....



          POST 24 is always OPEN to the PUBLIC......!!!!    

     Groundhog   Check the ACTIVITIES page for all that is happening at POST 24


Please check the MANATEE COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL website for valuable information on VETERANS affairs, historical data and other items of interest.




  Remember,   POST 24 is always OPEN to the PUBLIC....!!!!!   


                 The  'USUAL SUSPECTS'    

Although, in the number of members, POST 24 is large, it is a small, warm family of dedicated and committed people from the membership, the AUXILIARY, the LEGION RIDERS, the SONS OF THE LEGION and the HONOR GUARD, who, as 'USUAL SUSPECTS', are continually directly involved in all that goes on.  These are the ones for whom the general membership depends on to make it work.  Thanks to all who do make it work.

 How many times have you heard these four words...??   

We, at POST 24, hope you hear them often as you enter our premises.   We consider ourselves very friendly and try to be courteous and helpful to everyone we meet.  Please let us know how we can be of service to you and ways to improve that service.  We want you to feel most welcome as you enter our doors and we look forward to your return.  That means a lot to us.




                                  WHAT ARE WE DOIN' HERE....??????    


          The  HUMANE SOCIETY of  MANATEE COUNTY           

         2515  14th St. West (Tamiami Trail)  Bradenton, FL.  34205    

        (941) 747-8808      

     Thank you in advance for all your support in helping the HONOR GUARD and American Legion POST 24 in our effort to offer some assistance. 

The general public is always invited to drop by and check on the animals and to see exactly where your offering and support go and how it is used to the good of our little neighbors.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....for the fact that you care.




     Hear Ye      ,,,,,,
          Shocked       This is how your DUES work for POST 24.



  As most already know the cost of our dues has increased by $8.00.  As goes national, so goes local.  They have raised their annual rates so the local legion posts must pass that on to our loyal members.  We are very appreciative of your support and do our very best to keep you as one of many 'repeat customers'.    Thank you for your understanding.


1  The entire roof was replaced

2   Air conditioner for FOXHOLE lounge was replaced

3   Dining room & lounge has been repainted

4   All ceiling tiles in dining room have been replaced

5   Floors in dining room were stripped, sealed and waxed to a high gloss

6   Outside of building being repainted

7   New beer cooler for the auditorium bar

8   New chargrill in the kitchen

9   New fryer in the kitchen, which will now give us three

10 New dishwasher in the FOXHOLE lounge

11 New weather screens on the outside deck, cuts the heat down a lot

12 Purchased ATM machine which will increase the revenue (saves customers money)

13 Purchased AD-Tab machine which will increase the revenue

14 Installed (POS) 'point of sale' system with credit card capability   (very nice)

15 Sold property out behind POST 24

16 Have made numerous improvements to the post property

17 Many VETERANS learn about the American Legion, and they stop by for a little support.  This is not an automatic gift, but instead, all their paperwork must reflect that they are who they say they are.  Once their need is verified from their creditors, then it is up to the descretion of the Post Commander to determine if any 'assistance' is forthcoming.  Accountibility is paramount.

18 POST 24 and other units within our 'family' supports various charities

19 The Post 24 HONOR GUARD offers support to the local Humane Society.

20 Two new flagpoles have been installed, one out front near the sign, and the second one out back near the stage out behind the shed.

21.  The dance floor and east side of the auditorium floor has been completely redone to a glistening shine.  The auditorium has been given a fresh coat of paint and new ceiling tiles throughout the large room have been installed.

22.  The west side of the dance floor has had new laminate flooring installed.  The wall behind the stage has been completely redone and looks beautiful.  The bar area looks brand new, along with new custom stools for the bar area.  The ceiling panels have all been replaced.  The auditorium walls have all been painted to create a brand new look for the entire large room.

23.   POST 24 has purchased a brand new HONOR GUARD BUS.  2017 Ford,  It is smooth running and very cool on a hot day.  Thank you to the POST 24 MEMBERSHIP.

24.   POST 24 has recently purchased a new convection oven for the kitchen.

25.   New BAR STOOLS in the FOXHOLE LOUNGE....very comfortable for some leisurely activity.

26.   New large DIGITAL SIGN out front near the highway.

27.   New TABLECLOTHS for all tables throughout POST 24.

28.   New gutters and down spouts around the main building,

29.   New flooring for the FOXHOLE LOUNGE and restaurant area.



Well, I have checked with my 'staff' and feel that for an investment of $8.oo each member is getting quite a windfall in improvements. 




Those of you who are at POST 24 on a regular basis know of our very large auditorium.  But, did you know that you can rent it out for most any type of function at a very reasonable price.   Do you have some friends and acquaintances who may be looking for a large building to have their special event..?   Why not stop by the 'office' and find out some details.
Arrangements can be made for your special occasion that range from a simple setting to food service, beverage service, entertainment and more.
Call 794-3489. 


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Hey...!!! Keep it quiet down there...!!! 

Computer Smash 


Check out our newest ADVERTISERS on the SPONSORS page.  


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 JESSUP'S appliances  




   Anna Maria Oyster Bar   


     NEW   Sebring Golf Links     


        GUY force CYCLE       


        ZANE'S  weaponry       


        Bradenton Carpet Cleaner    






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           Groundhog          AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS          

                              Motorcyle 2 Motorcyle

Find out how you can become a member of the LEGION RIDERS.....

Go to LEGION RIDERS page.     _______________________________________________________________




....Now, what is suppose to happen WHEN the cows come home.....??Thinking



POST 24 would like to thank Brown & Sons funeral home for their part in the disposal of the many retired AMERICAN FLAGS turned in to POST 24 by the members and the general public.  We appreciate all you do for POST 24.

                  FIELD OF HONOR "CROSSES"

'CROSSES' for the 'FIELD OF HONOR' can be purchased at the POST 24 office.   'CROSSES' are $50.  each and can be purchased as a remembrance for a VETERAN who has passed on. 

There are only 600 plots for 'CROSSES' available.  A wonderful way to show solemn respect for a fallen 'warrior' while supporting POST 24.


         Thinking      WHAT  HAPPENED....

                     on this day in history.....????     Hmm 
Been thinking how you can impress your friends?? You know, old pals  from the military to make'em think you really DID amount to something. Perhaps you are the one with nothing to say while gathered at a bar or at a table with a bunch of 'know-it-alls'.     Well, my friend, those days are no more.  Check out the vast amount of little known facts and trivia from www.datesinhistory.com and be prepared, because you, my friend, will be loaded for BEAR!!!      And the season is about to begin by you lobbing a few of these little morsels in on a handful of these 'hoity-toity' types who, with each time they fly that same ol' story, seem to do it a little faster and a little higher.      Yes, they will be treading a bit lighter and giving you all the room you desire as you saunter in with your '50 mission crush' tilted on the back of your head.  Wait for the dust to settle and soon you will be hearing all about the fruits of your labor.      
Good hunting, my friend.  Good hunting.

           SIMPLY LOG ON TO     www.datesinhistory.com 



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