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Kirby Stewart Post 24












Ten-huh !  Calling all members of POST 24 who are VETERANS of  the U.S. ARMY.  Where are you???  We have a large facility equipped with all the amenities for you to meet and perhaps have lunch on a regular basis. 
Why not call your friends, comrades, brothers and sisters in uniform and drum up some interest in getting together every so often to stay in touch.
Look on it as a mini- reunion about once, or twice a month, just to be among those who wore the same uniform.  It is an ideal opportunity to swap some old stories and go back in time to those good ol' glory days.
It is a great way to meet people and compare notes.
If you are interested, please contact the OFFICE and schedule the various dates and times.  This is an ideal method to be more supportive of POST 24 while bringing back that comraderie, to relax and just enjoy yourself.
Call POST 24 at 794-3489 for additional information on this very worthwhile project.
Once you get started, please contact the website at     The times, dates and any other pertinent information can be uploaded onto the site for the world to see.
               Pictured above is MICHELLE YOHO, who is currently on active duty.  Pictured with her chirldren, she will soon be leaving for processing out to a new assignment.  
Michelle is also a member of POST 24 HONOR GUARD.  We certainly will miss her and will keep her, Josh and family in our thoughts and prayers until she returns to our formation.

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