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        2015   HALLOWEEN PARTY 

     2015  AIR FORCE LUNCHEON Christmas party   


     2015  EGG NOGG PARTY       


     2015   New Year's Eve party     


    more PICTURES on PAGE 2...and PAGE 3, 4, 5.







The photographs you are about to view were taken.  No furniture was destroyed and nobody was taken downtown in cuffs, no matter what you hear.....  Remember, talk is cheap....

According to authorities, everyone they dealt with had a large time.... so enjoy.....next time it could be YOU..... 



 HALLOWEEN PARTY pictures released by the 'authorities'...........    



Pictured is the 'table captain',.....or, wait,.... could this be a game of 'musical chairs' gone awry...??? 



Pictured is a panoramic shot of the festivities just before the 'swat team' made their entry.  I see everyone really went the extra mile to dress for the HALLOWEEN PARTY.... especially the fella with the 'frightening socks'.....!!!!!  .....SCARES ME...!!!!



Ahhh,.... once again this year the Werenot sisters were in fine form.  They always dress to the 'nines' for the HALLOWEEN PARTY.  Nice goin', girls...!!! 



Hummm,.. So, I guess you'll not be entering the ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS marathon...?



O.K., so is this the table that ordered the 'bite size' shrimp...??  I believe he's over there...



Myyyyy Grandma, what big teeth you have.   A story...?  You say you want to read a story to me...?    You say it reminds you of me....?  Little ol' me...?  Why, I do declare Grandma....  I feel like you are making me blush.....  I feel so RED....!!!



Pictured are a pair of the 'guardians', or what are left of them....  It was reported they were in a hotly contested game of 'I SPY' when things began 'going south'. 



Photographed are some folks in the middle of an old parlor game called 'BARNYARD ANIMALS AND THEIR NOISES'.   Usually it is a wholesome form of entertainment, but mixed with adult refreshments it can get out of hand and quickly...



Oh I see we have a couple of CLOWNS...  Looks like they are 'mimes'.   Looks like they are miming a song title,... could it be LEAN ON ME...??  Or could it be KNEE WALKING THE FLOOR OVER YOU..??  Or could it really be,..... making whistling noises with a bottle using nothing but your noses..??  YES...!!!

And, there you have it....   Another HALLOWEEN PARTY in the books....   And I do mean in the books...  The 'blotter' was loaded this time.


AIR FORCE LUNCHEON annual Christmas party 

December 15,

The annual Christmas party was held at POST 24, but only after several documents were signed by those in attendance and the local authorities.  Seems as though word is out about how POST 24 has an abundant amount of fun.

We, as members of the LUNCH BUNCH, decided a few years ago to invite our 'YOU KNOW WHOs' to the AF luncheon.  Amazingly, we have been able to maintain control and limit their presence to the Christmas party.  As a result, the hangar doors are closed, all talk of, and swapping stories about airplanes, are put on temporary hold while 'THEY' are around.  It gives them a chance to re-hash all that has happened since the last time we allowed them behind the 'curtain'.   Thankfully, it is only once, or twice per year.  We let them slip in on Labor Day, but that is it.   Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting back to swapping some tales of airplanes and comparing notes.  After a couple of hours of that, plus a great meal, it is definitely approaching NAP TIME.....!!!


Aahhhhh!!  We finally caught the 'weenie' who was making those disgusting noises, some so repulsive that several patrons had to turn off their hearing aids for fear of setting off the room's security alarm, and attracking several of the neighborhood dogs.    

In this photo, a few folks are seen taking a much deserved 'break' after a rousing game of 'ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS'.   The official rule book was used quite often to settle disputes as several of the contestants attempted to use unauthorized 'gestures'. 



One of Santa's elves was checking on the patrons and cross-checking their names against the police blotter, better known this time of year as the 'naughty or nice' list.  Judging from the expressions I can only surmise that some remedial work will be expected before they are allowed to hang up their 'stocking'.

Also, a new rule has had to be written, and 'enforced' regarding the use of 'said stocking' as a 'hand puppet'.  Little did any member of the POST 24 staff know, or even realize, that such uses and gestures could be conceived, and employed, by this innocent looking piece of material, then deemed as a form of 'entertainment'.   



Pictured above is the aftermath of a brisk game of 'musical chairs' that got out of hand and turned into a knock-down drag-out contact event.  This exciting parlor game had provided much fun throughout many years with the AF luncheon.  Sadly, a few bad prunes can play havoc with good intentions.

The mere fact that (T.O.T.) TIME OUT TABLES, were set up in advance of the festivities indicates that this 'bunch' is a bit too rowdy.   As a result, this form of entertainment will once again be banned from ever being played within the confines of POST 24, or anywhere on POST 24 property.



Plain clothes officers were called to settle some disputes regarding 'VALET PARKING'.  A minor 'tiff' broke out  when a couple of disruptive drivers were attempting to multi-task while operating 'machinery'.  Another example on why texting is so dangerous.

THANKS to all those who worked so hard to make our annual CHRISTMAS PARTY a success!!

JIM, MARTHA, JUDY, PEGGY, CAROL and KATHY.  Thank you all so much.  Everyone had a great time, the food was outstanding and the wonderful service was excellent.

We will be back again next year, providing the 'authorities' sign off on our request.










                             EGG NOGG party at POST 24,  December 24, 2015
Well, we had our share of  'NOGG HOGGERS' at our annual EGG NOGG party.  The festivities began at 1 PM and folks were lined up against the walls waiting at 12:30 PM.  It had all the makings of  'chaos'.
Yes, I managed to take some pictures of the 'event', and through some 'crafty' distraction, managed to escape after the dust settled, WITH my camera.
This photo was taken just as a couple of the more 'lively' patrons began claiming 'dibs' on a barbeque sausage roll.   Moments later one had the other in a powerful headlock and then the tables were turned when a wrestling move made famous by the legendary Bob Backman, known as the 'one arm chicken wing', was applied for the victory.  Sadly, the sausage roll became a 'statistic'.. 
It did not take long for the 'time-out table' to be occupied.  POST 24 has learned through several 'misfortunes' that a few minutes of 'R & R' are sometimes necessary.  Here it seems the 'Christmas Princess' got caught in the 'snare'.  This definitely put a 'damper' on the planned crowning ceremony.
There was an 'awkward' moment when two patrons showed up each wearing the exact same hat.  What are the odds of that happening..?  Then to make matters a bit worse, they drew numbers for 'seating arrangements' and, wouldn't you know' they ended up right next to each other.  Wow... 
Folks in the foreground were limbering up their hands for a much anticipated game of 'ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS'.  This form of entertainment has only been allowed back into POST 24 after being 'banned' for several years.  It seems a few participants managed to take this contest to an all time new level with 'gestures' not found in the 'official rules'.
A quick glance at this photo indicates a sure sign of a 'walking disaster'.  No, not her.  At first it seemed like she was the wicked witch of the west with her striped stockings.  Upon further review it was clarified that she was actually one of Santa's 'elves'.  The individual 'sidling' up to her seems to be attempting to 'line dance'.
Unbenownst to this contestant, the 'rule of thumb' when playing a game of 'musical chairs' is be sure to know the 'venue'.   I've only seen this bunch move once and that was when the A/C system threw a bearing and everyone thought it was the jukebox playing a song from the Oak Ridge Boys. 
Pictured is our 'naughty or nice' girl.  She also works as a volunteer at POST 24.  All the gang in the AIR FORCE luncheon know her as the 'big stick'.  She used to 'nudge' some of the LUNCH BUNCH when they would tell their stories a bit too fast, or a bit too high.  She also had, and continues to operate a small 'tazer unit' whenever someone begins to doze off and nods off into their plate of lunch.    OUCH....!!!  That thing hurts...!!!
Authorities are still baffled as to how an innocent question such as, "What would you do for a Klondike bar" would cause such turmoil.  This photo was taken just as the involved patrons were back on their respective stools, which had been overturned during the melee.  These two, in particular, are considered 'persons of interest' in the ongoing investigation.  They could have entered POST 24 with Christmas lights strung around their necks and drawn less attention.   
Well, another EGG NOGG party in the books.  Plans are already in the making for another one again next year.  Everyone always has a GREAT time here at POST 24.  Mark your calendar and we'll see you on December 24th.
NEW YEAR'S EVE party at POST 24   Thursday, December 31st,  1 PM until......... 
."....my truck..?  In the shop.  ...my bike..?  Cloudy, might rain.  So I walked up,..  I want to order a 'happy meal'..?  Small fries,...  Big gulp drink....  And, don't forget the 'surprise'...   Pull around..?   Hey, I'm walking....."
And, this was just the beginning of the first annual afternoon NEW YEAR'S EVE party.  The organizers believed with moving the party up several hours the 'authorities' might just not get wind of it.  Oh no....!  They got wind of it alright.  You might say it was at 'gale force' as they came rolling up the drive, lights flashing and sirens roaring.  Just another FUN DAY at POST 24.....
Pictured is the world famous 'horseshoe bar' in the FOXHOLE lounge.  Lots of happy people gathering all afternoon long playing a marathon game of 'ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS'.  These folks get serious, so if you are interested, be sure and bring your 'elbow pads'...
These folks had begun a marathon game of 'barnyard animals and their noises' when things got out of hand.  This family form of entertainment has been a staple with POST 24 for years, however, it only takes a few to reek havoc.....and you are looking at them.  Another game no longer allowed on the property.
It was just one of those days......
Pictured are two obviously 'happy' people enjoying bringing in the new year.  Wait a minute..  These two look very familiar.  They are even sitting at the same positions at the bar.  They have quite a reputation at POST 24.  One thing's for sure.  If you want to have fun, then stay close to these two.
Well, well, who do we have at the 'time-out table'..  again....???   Yes, the Christmas Princess adorns us again with her presence....   That'll be TWO MINUTES, LADY.. FOR HIGH STICKING...!!!   It was reported that this one was caught 'back-checking' at the food line in an attempt to get at the macaroni salad.  After a brief scuffle she was brought here.
Nearing the top of each hour, the crowd would commence counting down from 10 to bring in the new year for some country out in the middle of nowhere.  Here, we all help the MARSHAL ISLANDS.  An hour later we were celebrating with DUBAI.   It was reported that a couple who had arrived earlier at 10 AM celebrated the new year with GUAM.
Well, there you have it.  Our first afternoon NEW YEAR'S EVE party.  I give it 5 STARS..!!!  And,....the 'authorities' didn't have to 'escort' anyone downtown, no matter what you may have heard......
We finally recovered the pictures taken of the parade on AMI.  If you know any of the history of POST 24 then you know the 'authorities' always express an 'interest' in any photographs in and around our compound.  After carefully checking to locate any 'persons of interest' throughout our collection they attached said collection to a large rock and heaved if all onto our property.  Whew...!!!   Dodged another one.....
Below are the photographs returned.
The HONOR GUARD photographer, Sherrie Lynn, took a total of 221 photos of the festivity.  Enjoy...!!!
A couple of the HONOR GUARD pose for pictures prior to the start of the parade.
The HONOR GUARD BUS lead the parade from Coquina beach to the city pier.  Seven miles long and two hours later it was over.
The famed SCULLYWAG of the Privateers fall in behind the bus.  The privateers organized the parade and it started exactly on time.....  1000hrs.
So,...that's where that beach ball landed......
The vehicles that were entered in the parade were many and varied.  Must have been at least a quarter of a mile long.
There weres tons of people lined up on both sides of the route.  All yelling, waving, some saluting, all having a grand time....!!
Someone is trying to pass me at the finish line.....
And here we are.....at the finish line.....
It was a great parade and everyone had a great time.  We will definitely do it again next year....