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2000 75th Street West, Bradenton, FL

Kirby Stewart Post 24






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    Monthly MEMBERSHIP MEETING on 1st THURSDAY, 1900hrs.     

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Please check the MANATEE COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL website for valuable information on VETERANS affairs, historical data and other items of interest.


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Yes, we do not have a FLAG on our pole at present.   The flag pole is in the process of being repaired.  Seems like there is always something needing some care throughout POST 24. 
We are always glad to have VOLUNTEERS step forward to help out. 
  Remember,   POST 24 is always OPEN to the PUBLIC....!!!!!   


June 5th was the birthday of POST 24.  On this date in 1919, POST 24 was chartered by fifteen members.  We are in the planning stages for celebrating the100th anniversary of POST 24 in less than two years.  If you, or anyone you may know, has any information, or artifacts, available for the upcoming date please contact the POST 24 office and get on board to help with the planning, preparation and eventual celebration.
Hear YeGroundhog


September 11th  marked sixteen years since we as Americans lost our freedom.  I am referring to the fact that security across this great land has been enhanced, but it is mostly ‘smoke and mirrors’ to give us, the American taxpayer, a false assurance that we are safe as we go about our daily lives.

Oh, a lot changed on that day, but as I listened on the radio recently and heard some talk show host comment that the terrorists have won, sadly I must agree.

We, the ‘American taxpayer’, and read what you will into that, are the ones who are being watched.  No,’ those people’, and read what you will into that, are not stopped and questioned.  Doing so would give the impression that they are considered suspicious, …or something.  Let’s not offend them, or their ‘leaders’.  We don’t want to fight that war again, not that we’ve ever stopped.

Political correctness is the worst thing to come along since Dr. Spock.  What he didn’t ruin, it has.  It seems that anyone with an opinion is considered ‘out of bounds’, ‘radical’, or too sensitive.  HELLO…??    Apples ARE different from oranges, people.

                     Remain vigilant, be watchful, see something...say something.

We, as Americans, should not need another wake up call to remind us that freedom isn't free.  We watched in horror as the security of our wonderful country was breached by a terrible reality.  The reality that the hand patting us on our back has been removed from the trigger to do so.

An old adage goes like this:  You can have SECURITY, or, you can have FREEDOM, but you cannot have both.

Now, in these United States, we are slowly realizing that perhaps we can have NEITHER. 

Carry on,....

Keep'em flyin'.....!

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