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2000 75th Street West, Bradenton, FL

Kirby Stewart Post 24






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    Monthly MEMBERSHIP MEETING on 1st THURSDAY, 1900hrs.     

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Please check the MANATEE COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL website for valuable information on VETERANS affairs, historical data and other items of interest.


 Scroll down and read all that is on the newsletter.  Nerd    

Check the GENERAL INFORMATION page for long term info. 

  Remember,   POST 24 is always OPEN to the PUBLIC....!!!!!   



                 The  'USUAL SUSPECTS'    

Although, in the number of members, POST 24 is large, it is a small, warm family of dedicated and committed people from the membership, the AUXILIARY, the LEGION RIDERS, the SONS OF THE LEGION and the HONOR GUARD, who, as 'USUAL SUSPECTS', are continually directly involved in all that goes on.  These are the ones for whom the general membership depends on to make it work.  Thanks to all who do make it work.

 How many times have you heard these four words...??   

We, at POST 24, hope you hear them often as you enter our premises.   We consider ourselves very friendly and try to be courteous and helpful to everyone we meet.  Please let us know how we can be of service to you and ways to improve that service.  We want you to feel most welcome as you enter our doors and we look forward to your return.  That means a lot to us.




                                  WHAT ARE WE DOIN' HERE....??????    


          The  HUMANE SOCIETY of  MANATEE COUNTY           

         2515  14th St. West (Tamiami Trail)  Bradenton, FL.  34205    

        (941) 747-8808         


Members of the HONOR GUARD  give a little boost to our 'friends'.  Our little dog friends & little cat friends who are currently residing at the HUMANE SOCIETY.

Every 3 months the HONOR GUARD sends out our purchasing agent to spend $250. on merchandise for our little friends.   She cuts out coupons, checks on all the upcoming sales and really gets a BANG for a BUCK....!!!   She ends up filling a full size van with much needed supplies and other essentials. 

A day is planned ahead to drop by and drop off all the goodies.  Although the staff know in advance, the 'little residents' are completely suprised by our visit.  It is a blessing to see their joy in our presence,...and our presents....  

You can be a part of this happy occasion next time you visit POST 24.  Just knowing that someone cares enough to drop a little 'gift' in the BARREL would mean a lot.     A WISH LIST is posted on the side of the BARREL.  These are not expensive items, but they are items that are needed to assure the best care.

Please stop by and take a look at the list and the next time you go shopping perhaps you might pick up 'something' for the BARREL.  

The staff of loving volunteers really do care about their residents.  They are so excited to hear that the KIRBY STEWART American Legion POST 24 is willing to be an active participant in the wellbeing of our little furry friends.


     Thank you in advance for all your support in helping the HONOR GUARD and KIRBY STEWART American Legion POST 24 in our effort to offer some assistance. 

The general public is always invited to drop by and check on the animals and to see exactly where your offering and support go and how it is used to the good of our little neighbors.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....for the fact that you care.
















  flag_blue.gif    HISTORIAN RAMBLINGS .....down the ol' rabbit hole.......

The next decision you make will be based on the last decision you made......


Well, here we are relaxing in the sunshine, more play than work these days.  Life is good.  Yes, it is.  But, could it have been a little bit better?

No, not too much to complain about.  Yeah, things are pretty nice.  But what if,.. what if you had taken that job when it was there waiting for you.  Or, what would have happened if you had joined the Navy, instead of the Army. 

What if you had it to ‘do over’, ….would you? 

Now, before you lean back with that cold glass of iced tea and think about how much better off you would be, think about the big picture.  All you have accomplished, all the places you have been, all the many people you have met as a result of the path you chose.  All that is wiped from the slate. 

Remember, if you make one change then you change everything that took place after that change was made.

Many make the mistake of comparing their lives now while thinking about all the changes they could have made to make their life better today.  Actually, the last time you could have compared your life with how a decision or choice would affect your life was just before that decision or choice was made. 

As an example, think of every decision that you willingly made, or that was made for you, was like a ‘fork’ in the road.  It is impossible for you to be exactly where you are today had you NOT taken the same exact route.  Taking the other ‘fork’ in the road would have put you on a completely different road. 

Even the most minute choice or decision, such as stopping when the light turned yellow, instead of going through the intersection, that choice changes everything about your life from then on.  Really?  Yes, really.

Waiting for the light to turn green again caused you to stop for approximately 3 minutes.  Whereas, in that 3 minutes had you gone through the yellow light, you would have continued driving down the street.  From that moment on your life would never have been even recognizable.   Remember the ‘fork’.  That stop light was a ‘fork’. 

 Every choice has the same result in our ‘what if’ game.  The result is that it would have been different.  It is very interesting to daydream about the ‘alternative’.  It doesn’t cost us anything to look in the rear view mirror now and then.  However, we must not become obsessive to the point of failing to live each day we are given to the fullest.

As one person said years ago; We only get to go around once in life….. and if you do it right, then once is enough.


Well, that’s the way I see it.

Carry On!!


Drew Thomas

Historian, POST 24














Come early to watch YOUR team...!!!     

                               BEER SPECIALS all day long..


          BAR POKER  1:30 to 3:00 PM                



WEDNESDAYS.....means KARAOKEE  7 to 10 PM with Frankie Allan

.......think you can sing..?  We'll see....





SATURDAYS.... Lunch is served...11 AM to 4 PM







MONDAYS through FRIDAYS......are HAPPY DAYS at POST 24   2 TO 5 PM

feelin' happy...???  Then come in for HAPPY HOUR...!!!   Drinking Red Wine


Check the ACTIVITIES page for a detailed look at all that is going on at POST 24.






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