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MAACO AUTO PAINT CENTER  painted the POST 24 BUS.  Marv and the gang did a fantastic job in sanding, priming and painting the bus to a beautiful color. 

They will do the same for you and your automobile, van or truck.  Drop by and let them take a look.   You will feel better and your vehicle will look great..!





           Groundhog                                   mcgeetire.com

Check our website for a location near you.   Stop by and talk with any of our professionals about your tires, batteries and most anything else pertaining to automobilesm, trucks and more.   These folks are eager to help you and they guarantee their work.  Repeat customers mean a lot here. 



 Groundhog     DOUG'S  SERVICE  CENTER Convertible 



                 2805 46th Ave. West       Truck 

                               Bradenton, Fl.  34207

                                           (941) 755-0158

   Serving the folks in Bradenton for 37 years.    I can personally recommend DOUG and his staff, because that is where I go for my automobile's needs.  Honest, reasonable and fair. 



Your name or business could be HERE.....







  If you are just riding around enjoying the sunshine and find yourself ready

for a cool one and a sit-down,

why not sit down for awhile at CHARLOTTE'S WEBB.


Located at  3315 S.R. 64 W, Wauchula, Fl.  33873

Just look for the crowd......and a good time.    


For the discriminating listener only......
        This is refinement in sound.
               Available for dinner parties, restaurants, house warmings,
                  homes sales, brokers and realtors.
   Anytime there is need for sound in the background.......
Also available as featured entertainment for hotels, country clubs
                       and the more refined and upscale night club circuits.....


       RL  Photography          Richard Lanois, Sr.  POST 24 member  img006.jpg  

RL PHOTOGRAPHY  ....make your next moment to remember really a

moment to remember,.....with RL PHOTOGRAPHY.   

  Custom Uniforms and Accessories for Public Safety, Security and Maintenance.
   Military apparel, Gear and Outerwear
   Custom Alterations
   Pepper, Stun Guns and other supplies
   Top Brand Boots, Shoes and Belts
   Back Packs, Badges and Wallets
   Restraints and Rain Gear
Shop where the HONOR GUARD shops.....for friendly, professional service

  More details on HORSE DRAWN FUNERALS are on the HONOR GUARD, p. 4.


  As indicated below, we accept 'donations' to POST 24.  This is a tool which allows you to expand your base to all who read this website. 
We, the staff, share our good experiences with those who read the website.  We ask all businesses if they recognize VETERANS with a discount.  If they do, we pass the info. on to you, our faithful readers.  If they treat us fairly, we pass along that info., too. 
If you have a good experience with a business you would like to share, then please let us know. 

We are the biggest little independent motorcycle shop in the Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida area, offering decades of hands on experience in Big V-Twin maintenance, service, and repair. At Guy Force Cycle we carry a wide range of used motorcycles on a Consignment basis, our own line of T-shirts and apparel under the "Conviction Apparel" brand, and a host of Consignment parts and accessories. Check out some of our great deals to get you roaring down the road in style!


Need to order an accessory, tires, or some OEM parts? Let us see if we can save you a buck or two with our courteous service

        Trusted for all your needs in the motorcycle world.        

       Recommended by riders who demand only the very best for their bike.       .

Do you have a firearm in need of some repair?  Would you like to make it look like new again?  If so, then you need to call ZANE.  ZANE is an expert in the firearm repair business.  ZANE guarantees all his work.
ZANE repaired and refurbished all the weapons assigned to the HONOR GUARD.  They look brand new...!!!!
No, these are not the 'big boys' known from coast to coast.  This is KEN WEBSTER.  And KEN does not have a super payroll, nor does he have a super truck with all the bells and whistles.  KEN has a large unit that he brings into the home and gets the carpet and furniture very clean.   KEN wants you to be satisfied with his work.  KEN gets most of his business by 'word of mouth', through the satisfied customer, like me.  Integrity still means something.
KEN has his pricing set very reasonable, much lower than the 'big boys'.   Give KEN a call and find out why I, and others, feel KEN is the very best. 

Is someone getting a little loud around your house...?  Do you slink down in your seat when driving around your neighborhood...?    Are 'earplugs' on your pre-start checklist...?      If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should be calling CHET.

I use him and now I can sneak up on everyone....you can too...!

And....remember,.....CHET and the gang don't just do mufflers.  They are pretty much a FULL SERVICE business.  Have you had your pipes bent lately...?  He'll do it without making a lot of noise......  get it...?   Noise....??? 

Honest, reasonable, fully guaranteed.

                     SKYWAY MEMORIAL  Funeral home & Gardens  
We are a full service funeral home and cemetery proudly serving our VETERANS and residents of Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Sarasota counties.
We provide a complimentary grave space to our VETERANS or will arrange for interment at the NATIONAL CEMETERY in Sarasota county.
           Direct cremation.....$995.   Burial packages.....$4595. and up
These folks are honest, trustworthy, upstanding and who will do the job right to your specifications.  I've used them and their services and am very pleased with the results.  Give them a call, then give them my name as a reference.
Check out all the fine products.  Show your MILITARY I.D. and receive 10% off any retail item.  Friendly staff to serve you and answer your questions.  This is where I go to get a CHARGE and see the LIGHT...... 
    Every thing for every pet.    Always the perfect gift for your puuurrrfect pet.
    Go online and see all of our products.    Send for our CATALOG
.............New policy for advertising on the website effective January 1, 2016.
My 'staff', who are pictured on the BREAKING NEWS page, have convinced me to dispence with the $100. fee to advertise on this website.  Instead of a FEE, we are encouraging interested individuals and businesses to 'donate' to POST 24. 
As nearly all those merchants, businesses and individuals listed have conducted business with me, or friends of mine, I value the word of 'satisfied customers', customers who, have, or will, return to these businesses.
As stated, a donation of $100. would be very nice, but your willingness to let us and others know about your experience with any of these businesses is our priority. 

Any business card size ad can be part of this web site for (12) continual months for only $100.

Includes a link to your web site and e-mail.

Send your business card and a check for $100 to

Kirby Stewart Post 24

2000 75th St. W.

Bradenton, Florida 34209

Please call (941) 794-3489 or  E-mail: post24@tampabay.rr.com for details. 


Post 24 reserves the right to review all ads prior to publication.